Things to Do

Hiking in The Daniel Boone National Forest

Take in The Gorgeous Natural Setting

Distance from Cliffview: 25 - 90 Minutes | Age Limit: None | Cost: Free

With Over 600 Miles of Hiking Trails, You’ve Got Plenty of Options!


Since you’ll be laying your head on a comfy pillow at Cliffview at the end of the day, we recommend you stick with day-hikes in the Red River Gorge area. Even with limiting your geographic area, there are tons of amazing hikes in the area. From easy to hard, there’s something for everyone!


Easy Hiking Trails:

  • Sky Bridge Red River Gorge
  • Angel Windows Trail
  • Whistling Arch Trail
  • Bison Way to Indian Staircase
  • Tower Rock Trail


Moderate Hiking Trails:

  • Rock Bridge Trail
  • Copperas Falls
  • Gray’s Arch Trail Loop
  • Indian Staircase Trail
  • Auxier Ridge Trail


Hard Hiking Trails:

  • Swift Camp Creek Trail
  • Cloud Splitter Shortcut
  • Martin’s Fork to Sheltowee